Privacy Policy

Data Controller

The Data Controller is Nemergent Solutions, S.L., with TIN B95869293 (hereinafter referred as Nemergent) and registered offices at Avenida Ribera de Axpe 6, 2ª Planta, Oficinas 5-6, 48950 de Erandio (España), holder of the Web Site

This Privacy Policy regulates the collection and processing of personal data which are provided by the Users when they access, browser or use the functionalities of the Web Site.

Data collection, purposes, legal basis and storage periods:

  1. Contact: The User may contact Nemergent through the form established for that purpose on the Web Site. Identification data, as well as the motive, subject or question, shall be provided. Nemergent will use this data to process the enquiry and to contact the User.

    The lawfulness of this data processing is the consent given by the User.

    The data storage period for this purpose will be of one year, unless different periods are applicable.

  2. Social Networks: Through the Web Site, the User may access to Nemergent through his or her social-networking profiles available. Nemergent will use this data only and exclusively for the consented purpose by the User, as well as the data to which the User has allowed the access to Nemergent.

    The lawfulness of this data processing is the consent given by the User.

    The data storage period for this purpose will be of one year.

  3. Cookies: The Web Site has technology for the deployment of files called cookies in the device which is used to access and browsing through the Web Site. Cookies can be blocked or dishabled at any time through the browser´s setting options. If you want to know further  information about this you can see the Cookie Policy.

    The lawfulness of this data processing is the consent given by the User.

  4. Advertising: If the User expressly authorizes it, Nemergent may send advertising for services and/or promotions available on the Web Site, such as the latest updates and/or discounts, among others.

    The lawfulness of this data processing is the consent given by the User.

    The data storage period for this purpose will be of the time that the User remains registered in the advertising sending system, and while the User does not revoke his or her consent for such purpose.

    The User may revoke his or her consent at any time through the links provided or by sending Nemergent an email to

Exercising of Data Protection Rights

Furthermore, the User may revoke his or her consent for the data processing, by exercising the rights of access, rectification, erasure, objection, restriction of processing and data portability by contacting Nemergent through an email to or by indicating it to the address abovementioned, pointing “Data Protection” as motive. In addition, we may ask you for evidence of your identity if we have doubts about it, in order to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

The User may communicate any modification by writing or request the cancellation, by indicating such event to any of the abovementioned addresses. At any time, the User may lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), in order to enforce his or her rights.


Nemergent reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, in respecting of the legislation in force in terms of data protection and following advance notice to the data subjects.


The applicable language of this Privacy Policy is Spanish. The Holder may offer the Users the translation of this document in several languages for their convenienve only, to help them to understand it, but the official text is the Spanish version. In case of contradictions between the Spanish version and its translations, the Spanish version shall prevail.

Management Policy

NEMERGENT SOLUTIONS, founded in Bilbao, is a solution engineering company, based in Erandio, with offices both in Erandio (Biscay) and Vitoria-Gasteiz (Alava).
The company counts on the work of professionals with a variety of career paths to develop Mission Critical Communication engineering projects.
NEMERGENT SOLUTIONS, makes use of an Integrated Management System that follows the requirements established by the International Standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015.

  • The NEMERGENT SOLUTIONS management, manifests its total commitment to foster and develop the Quality and to protect the environment and prevent the pollution. In order to fulfill the mentioned objective, the company commits itself to develop the following requirements:

  • To provide our customers professional services that respond to their requirements and expectancies, obtaining their satisfaction, always complying with any legal requirements or any other requirements applied to our activities and other aspects related to the quality and the environment of our professional services.

  • To promote the required actions and improvements to reach the quality and environmental objectives related to our activity and professional services.

  • To foster the continued improvement of/from the Integrated Management System, that is, the quality and environmental management.

This statement is informative, and it is available for any interested side, while implemented by every NEMERGENT SOLUTIONS member. The management seeks the implication and effort of everyone in order to make this Management Policy their own.

Política de Gestión

NEMERGENT SOLUTIONS, fundada en Bilbao, es una ingeniería de soluciones con sede en Erandio, y oficinas en Erandio (Vizcaya) y Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava).
Cuenta con profesionales de diferentes trayectorias para desarrollar proyectos de ingeniería de comunicaciones de misión crítica.
NEMERGENT SOLUTIONS, dispone de un Sistema de Gestión Integrado conforme con los requisitos de las Normas Internacionales UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 y UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015.

La Dirección de NEMERGENT SOLUTIONS, manifiesta su compromiso total para fomentar y desarrollar la Calidad, para proteger el Medioambiente y prevenir la contaminación, con el objetivo de lograr el cumplimiento de esta declaración mediante el desarrollo de los siguientes principios:

  • Proporcionar en todo momento servicios profesionales que respondan a los requisitos y expectativas de nuestros clientes obteniendo su satisfacción, cumpliendo en todo momento con los requisitos legales y otros requisitosaplicables a nuestra actividad y a los aspectos relativos a la calidad y ambientales de nuestros servicios profesionales.

  • Impulsar las medidas y mejoras necesarias para lograr los objetivos de calidad y ambientales, relacionados con nuestra actividad y nuestros servicios profesionales.

  • Fomentar la mejora continua del Sistema de Gestión Integrado, esto es, la gestión de la calidad y la gestión ambiental.

Esta declaración es comunicada y está disponible para las partes interesadas, y es entendida, y aplicada por todas las personas de NEMERGENT SOLUTIONS. La Dirección solicita la implicación y esfuerzo de todos, para que cada uno haga suya esta Política de Gestión.

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